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Tips for Storing and Serving Caviar

Caviar is a culinary extravaganza. One can have fun without breaking the bank – maybe just cracking it a little. Fresh caviar is not something to go bargain-shopping for. Stick with a reputable gourmet shop or grocer if your town is big enough, or order from a reputable place that will ship it direct to […]


Guide to Steam Cooking Trout

Trout is a good choice for those who want an inexpensive alternative to saltwater seafood. It has an amazing flavor for its value. Although you can cook trout a different number of ways, steam-cooking this delicious freshwater fish is healthy, simple, and convenient for busy weeknights. Techniques You can steam trout using a variety of […]


Introduction to Kale Soup

There’s no such thing as basic kale soup. Kale is one of those versatile greens that can be part of just about any kind of thick fall or winter soup. You can chop it up and mix it in, or you can divide up its leaves and boil it that way. Any time you’d consider adding […]


How to Harvest and Enjoy Razorfish

Razor fish are a shellfish, or a marine bivalve mollusc to be correct, that live in the sand and mud flats in tidal areas in Southern Australia. They are a large, fan shaped shellfish that lay buried in the sand point first. This leaves the large curved edge of the shell exposed. This edge is […]


The Risks of Eating Sushi

Okay, so everybody knows what sushi is right? For those of you who may not know, allow me to give you a bit of background and history on what we now call sushi. The original mention of sushi came at around the second century AD in China and came about as a way of preserving […]


Making Delicious Puffball Soup

Mushroom soup is a favorite for eating and cooking. Many people who enjoy mushrooms in general, and mushroom soup in specific, might be astounded to find out that puffball mushrooms can be quickly and easily turned into spectacular soup. Part of the reason this soup is so much better than the version that comes out […]


Tips for Buying Seafood

Seafood is not only one of the most pleasurable food substances we can enjoy, it is also one of the most beneficial in a health capacity. It is widely recognised as reducing our susceptibility to heart disease, strokes and cancer in its benefits to our cardio-vascular systems and immune systems. It can be purchased fresh, […]


Favorite Ways and Recipes for Cooking Squid

While stationed in Korea, I had my first experience with squid. It is a delicious addition to anyone’s menu. I have included two recipes to try. Seafood Stew Start with a large quart pot. Under a medium heat add chicken broth, let it warm as you prepare potatoes. Depending on how many you are expecting […]


Xanax GG249 Pill Should Not Be Stopped Suddenly

Xanax 2mg also seen as GG249 on it has the ability to cause dependence of both the physical and psychological nature therefore if you stop taking this medication too quickly it may cause you to experience symptoms of withdrawal. Some possible symptoms indicating this may include the following: Memory loss Depression Seizures Heart palpitations Nausea […]


Fish Mcbites Heading to Happy Meal Menu for Limited Time at Mcdonalds

It is an endless dilemma for parents as they head back from a full day of toting the kids around in the family car. The kids are in the back seat, clamoring that they are hungry and need something to eat. Still miles away from home and completely exhausted, parents have to make a decision […]