A Guide to Quick and Easy French Meals

Since I spent three years living in France and eating their food, I can say that the easiest guide to creating any meal in the French manner is to use a cream-based sauce with mushrooms and wine, not “cooking wine” that grocery stores sell but a good bordeaux for red meat and sherry for poultry. […]

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Remedy for Strep Throat

Strep Throat infection can be extremely painful and are caused by bacteria.  It generally takes a week or so to cure completely and during this period, some tips as remedies for strep throat would be very helpful in tiding over the infection. Pictures and Images: (via What does strep throat look like) (via strep throat […]


Easy Pickled Eggs

Pickled eggs are cheap and easy to make. Once you try this recipe, you will always want to have a jar or two of pickled eggs in your refrigerator. What you need to make pickled eggs: Hard boiled eggs, peeledWhite vinegarWaterSeasonings (optional)A clean jar To make pickled eggs, you will need to boil and peel […]


What’s on the Menus in Spain

Not so long ago, Fuengirola was a small fishing village on the southern coast of Spain, a picturesque, but insignificant stop on the way from Cadiz to Malaga. Today it is a thriving resort, but it’s marine roots have not been forgotten. Fish play an important part on the local menu, and in particular as […]


Recipes Pickled Onion Slices

Pickled onion slices are a wonderful addition to any relish tray and a tasty ingredient for cold pasta and potato salads. You can pickle them fresh from your garden or fresh from the grocery store. Add some colorful pepper slices to the canning jar and the end product will be as pretty as it is […]